Free Christmas Screensavers 2

Christmas Adventure
Four magical Holiday scenes with plenty of animated characters, animated water effects and falling snow. Also includes music and current time (3.4MB)
Christmas Candles
Beautiful Flash animated Christmas scenes illuminated with candles. Includes seasonal music and bird songs. (3.6MB)
Christmas Clock Screensaver
Santa swings left and right to the music while the clock on his tummy shows the current time (1.4MB)
Christmas Countdown
Decorative images of Santa on colorful backgrounds on countdown to Christmas, with music (5.3MB)
Christmas Decoration Screensaver
Pretty Christmas decorations and an analog clock showing you the current time. Includes animated effects. (6.8MB)
Christmas Elf
An animated Christmas screensaver with a cute little elf dancing to music while Rudolph waits on the background (4.1MB)
Christmas Evening Screensaver
Beautiful hand painted Christmas scene with Santa delivering gifts, twinkling stars and Christmas lights, falling snow flakes and many animated animals. Also includes background music and pretty clock showing the current time. (2.6MB)
Christmas Plots
A beautiful hand painted and animated multi-scene Christmas screensaver. See views inside and outside the house and a view through the window. Includes animated pets, decorations, lights, clock, and Santa with his reindeer sleigh. (3.5MB)

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