Free Christmas Screensavers 4

Christmas Screensaver 3D
A real-time 3D screensaver where the camera circles around a room with decorated a Christmas tree and fireplace while snow falls outside the windows. Includes Christmas music and count-down to Christmas (11MB)
Christmas Snowman
Cute animated screensaver of a winking snowman if front of Christmas trees with twinkling lights. Snow falls as music plays. (665KB)
Christmas Symphony
Charming animated Christmas scenes with snow, Santa, Rudolf, illuminated Christmas trees and more. Includes Christmas music and current time. (3.9MB)
Christmas Tree 3D Screensaver
A 3D Christmas tree in a snowy landscape rotates on your screen while cute white bunnies jump around and snow falls. Also includes music and current time. (5.7MB)
Christmas walk-around Clock
A working clock for your desktop featuring images of Santa and kids around the clock (664KB)
Christmas Yard
A charming animated Christmas screensaver featuring Santa and elves, children skating, house pets and birds, twinkling lights and softly falling snow accompanied by seasonal music. (2.4MB)
Cookies and Milk for Santa
Cute 3D rendered images of little girl, cookies&milk, and santa. Includes optional music. (2.4MB)

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