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Halloween Festival in 3D
Misty wood near a mill where goblins are having a Halloween party: dancing and playing with the pumpkins under the bright shine of the moon to a very lively rhythm of accordion and drums. (14.6MB)
Halloween Haunt 3D Screensaver
Animated 3D screensaver with grave stones and ghosts flying around a laughing Jack O' Lantern. Includes sound effects and scary music. (5.5MB)
Halloween Night
Animated screensaver with dancing skeletons, noisy bats and other scary things around a dilapidated property (2MB)
Halloween Screensaver
An animated screensaver with a skull grinding his teeth, includes a clock at the side (770KB)
'Haunted House' Screensaver
Animated screensaver with a haunted house and ghostly figures floating around it. Lightening strikes and flashes, while optional ghostly music plays. (6.2MB)
Horror of the Night 1.0
Multiple animated scenes with flying witches, bats, ghosts, and other scary creatures. Includes music and the current time. (4.6MB)
Jack-O-Lantern Jump
Scary music enhances this cute screensaver of Halloween animations and Jack-O-Lantern dancing to the music. (3.7MB)
Lightning Strikes
3D fantasy scene where lightning strikes a ghostly face, comes with scary sound effects (774KB)

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